Back Yard Bee Hive

A hive for every home!

Honeybees obviously produce delicious honey, but they are also necessary for one third of the food we eat. The plight of these critters has caught the attention of the world with recent large bee losses in the United States. Would you like to help bring them to your neighborhood? Would you like to have honey from your backyard? Would you like to have your own bee hive?  Would you like to learn how to take care of bees?

We offer several options that range from owning and learning to manage your own hive to leasing a hive for your yard to simply sponsoring a hive to help promote beekeeping. These options vary in expense and personal involvement, but each one puts more bees in the neighborhood and honey in your pantry. Follow the links on the left to explore the options or email us with questions: james at backyardbeehive dot com

Current Events:

Spring is in full swing here in the mountains of NC, even more so at our lower elevation bee yards with the honey flow underway there.  We are growing some hives here on the farm to distribute to customers, so if you would like a hive in your yard, let us know and feel free to email us with questions.